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What’s Really Happening?

Published on September 29, 2018 By Luke Sauer

  Tune in noon to 2pm this sunday September 30th  I am bringing back on AustinBennett #Bennett4Senate   We’ll do some catching up and talk about new things going on. Comedian Mike Jones will also be joining in the studio.  I’ll play some brand new music from Prince. I’ll play some music from Seanessy.  The Colin Kaepernick situation, let’s talk […]

What’s Really Happening?

Published on August 18, 2018 By Luke Sauer

  Tune in this Sunday August 19th noon to 2pm  #nopodcastdaysoff to the what’s really happening show one of the most consistent shows out there. This Sunday we’ve got David Charles Kramer DJ Buddy Holly coming thru again with some music for us. It’ll be something different. We’ve got comedian Rose Hienz joining us in studio. We’ll also have the great Jennifer Levanduski joining […]

What’s Really Happening?

Published on April 14, 2018 By Luke Sauer

Yo tune in Sunday noon to 2 in studio 2b this sunday Comedian Cassandra Inglesby is co-hosting. We’ll be joined by the amazing singer Syren coming thru with DJ Loot. You can find Syren on that Spotify We’ve also got rappers Alma Rosae, Dmac, and Fury Figeroa coming thru. I believe this is show # […]


Published on September 12, 2017 By April Valenzuela

UNEEK RADIO IS BACK!! & #DJKWEENUNEEK is ready to tear shit up on the airwaves to keep you folks entertained with some good ass music for the next 2 hours! She has some announcements and a few of her beautiful sexy friends stopping by the #WorldFamousStudio 1A at #FccFreeRadio to get things on and poppin for tonights show! […]

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