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Ecto Portal #140 The Ghost and Elke Sommer

Published on June 12, 2019 By Anthony Anderson

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON share a GHOST STORY from HOLLYWOOD circa 1964! German Bombshell ELKE SOMMER and her husband, JOE HYAMS, move into their BENEDICT CANYON home, only to discover they have a ROOMMATE FROM BEYOND! Tune in! 6-8pm Pacific LIVE in Studio 2B.

Ecto Portal #110 Butch Patrick The Munsters

Published on October 24, 2018 By Anthony Anderson

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON welcome Actor, BUTCH PATRICK, who played EDDIE MUNSTER on THE MUNSTERS!  We will share some memories of everyone’s favorite family and what life was like for the boy who owned a dragon who lived under the stairs, named SPOT.  BUTCH, in his own individual capacity, is a great and amazing […]

Ecto Portal #105 True Story of The Changeling

Published on September 5, 2018 By Anthony Anderson

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON will unlock the TRUE HAUNTED HISTORY behind a popular horror movie from 1980, THE CHANGELING starring GEORGE C. SCOTT.  Many thought it was only a movie, but it wasn’t, it was based on some historical truths! How far would you go for money, what would you do? Murder? Tune and […]


Published on November 22, 2017 By Anthony Anderson

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON will harken back to Halloween night, England in 1992 as the BBC presented a groundbreaking live television show that would shock the British nation, cause illness, sleeplessness and even suicides!  What could possibly have caused so much havoc in a live broadcast and garnered over 11 million viewers? And generated […]


Published on August 2, 2017 By Anthony Anderson

Tonight, ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON celebrate our first full year with FCC FREE RADIO and bringing you the world of ECTO PORTAL!  We will go crazy tonight, where anything and everything might and could happen!  Join us and call in live and celebrate this milestone for our show!   Save

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