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Not Safe For Work – Ray’s Birthday Special!

Published on July 26, 2017 By NSFW

Host Jay Austin Graham presents a birthday special for one of our favorite guests, Ray Gonzalez, who may be too wasted to even make it to the show.  If that is the case his friends will make fun of him while he is forced to listen to the show from home.  Alex Urbina assures us […]

B Side Mikey Show / Metallica 2008 and Forward 7-22-17

Published on July 22, 2017 By B Side

This evening from 8-10 PM (PST) in Studio 2B live I’ll run straight METALLICA. As an avid fan of the old days this band simply ripped it up, however they did change a bit over the years. Between 2008 & the present, they did get back to their roots so to speak which I’ll cover […]

Not Safe For Work – Guest: Pete O’Keefe

Published on July 19, 2017 By NSFW

Host Jay Austin Graham learns you the news the establishment tries to keep from you, like why would a sherif want people to overdose?  Why are we still talking about Flat Earth?  Who is the most embarrassed man on Earth?  What the hell are dogecoins?  What would make people side with Delta Airlines over a […]

B Side Mikey Show / Wrathchild America 7-15-17

Published on July 15, 2017 By B Side

Tonight in the world famous Studio 2B from 8-10 PM (PST) on the B Side Mikey Show, WRATHCHILD AMERICA will rip the ear holes. A band that I caught up with in the 90’s that was just so extremely bizarre, yet extremely sick. From the riff, to the lyrics, to the hooks, to the passages, […]


Published on July 14, 2017 By Sebastian Vego

Another exciting week for another lit episode of 3rd Axis Radio with ya boy Sebastian Vego and Buddha On The Block! West Philips is our guest for the week and guest co-host Tony.

Not Safe For Work – The Episode You Can’t Miss!

Published on July 12, 2017 By NSFW

Host Jay Austin Graham sets your soul on fire with the news you need to know!  He reads the news so you don’t have to, then Tom Fritsche argues about it so you don’t have to.  What question could cause over 300 comments on facebook?  New music from All that Remains, The Devil Wears Prada, […]

B Side Mikey Show / Buckethead 7-8-17

Published on July 8, 2017 By B Side

Tonight in the world famous studio 2B from 8-10 PM (PST) one of the most bizarre yet amazing musicians will be featured on the show. I’ll be joined this evening by PJ Boston the host of Metal Groove Radio as we will feature BUCKETHEAD. Sit back in the chicken coop for this bad ass guitar […]

Not Safe For Work – Ray Gonzalez, Alex Urbina, and Lisa Backer

Published on July 5, 2017 By NSFW

Host Jay Austin Graham is determined to produce a quality show for you..  He would show up and rand and play music even if he couldn’t find guests.  But he found guests Ray Gonzalez and Alex Urbina to talk about their trip to a Comic Convention in Las Vegas.  Biting commentary from Lisa Backer!  So […]

B Side Mikey Show / Mixed Bag 7-1-17

Published on July 1, 2017 By B Side

This evening on the B Side Mikey from 8-10 PM in the world famous Studio 2B I’ll mix the bag. Rock, Blues, Stoner Rock, Metal in no specific order. This will be spontaneous & an out of my back pocket show with no specific band or order. So many of you have “givin” me great […]

Not Safe For Work – Guests Moon Choe, Ian Levy, and Juan Medina

Published on June 28, 2017 By NSFW

Host Jay Austin Graham obliterates all your preconceived notions on topics like:  SF Pride,  Free Speech, The Shittiest UFC Match of All Time, Weaponized Opiates and more stuff we can’t even post here because THEY can read this!  With rebuttals from cohost Tom Fritsche and comedians Moon Choe and Ian Levy.  Music from Crystal Fairy, […]

B Side Mikey Show / Chris Cornell 6-24-17

Published on June 24, 2017 By B Side

My first show back after my mother passing on 5-20-17, which I thank all of you who reached out. Listen live, or use your Tune In App from the phone tonight in Studio 2B > 8-10 PM (PST) along with my partner in crime Tommy (last name?). We will pay tribute to an amazing musician […]

Not Safe For Work – Guests: Ray Gonzalez, Alex Urbina, John Miller

Published on June 21, 2017 By NSFW

Host Jay Austin Graham wrinkles your brain with answers to questions like do rich people derive luck from lizard penises?  Are cats our masters?  Homosapiens have a new birthday!  How old are they?  If you are going to fidget should you choose a spinner or a cube?  Is there a magic miracle cure for cluster […]

Not Safe For Work – Guests: Kris Tinkle and Tom Fritsche

Published on June 14, 2017 By NSFW

Host Jay Austin Graham explains why you should get a fidget spinner.  Kid Rock and ICP are connected by more than a glass dildo.  Deadly fruit assault!  Cocaine vending machines!  What’s up with the damn fentanyl?  Which should a big kid choose Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X, or Playstation Pro?  With comedians Kris Tinkle, Moon […]

Not Safe For Work – Replay

Published on June 7, 2017 By NSFW

This episode was so good we are playing it again!  Host Jay Austin Graham explains why taxes are not theft on Tom Fritches’s birthday show featuring Ray Gonzalez, Alex Urbina, Southern Beau and Michelle.  If you didn’t listen last week then this is a MUST LISTEN!  If you already heard it, listen again, IT’S THAT GOOD! […]

Not Safe For Work – Guests: Ray Gonzalez, Alex Urbina, Southern Beau, and Tom Fritsche

Published on May 31, 2017 By NSFW

Live Wednesday 6-8pm Pacific in FCC Free Radio Studio 1A, host Jay Austin Graham present’s TOM FRITSCHE’S BIRTHDAY!  There will be copious alcohol flowing and a full studio so good luck keeping up with this one!  The topics will blow your mind!  With Fillmore Crew Ray Gonzalez, Alex Urbina, and introducing Southern Beau!  Music from Crystal […]

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