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Not Safe For Work – Guest: Mike Spiegelman

Published on September 19, 2018 By NSFW

#NSFWradio host J. Austin Graham presents dark news from bright people, Mike Spiegelman and Tom Fritsche.  Topics:  SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh accused of sexual misconduct,  we explain #FISAGate, Botham Shem Jean murdered in his own home by an off duty Dallas police officer, censorship taking over the world, and much more!  Featuring music you need […]

Ecto Portal #102 Kaidan More Japanese Ghost Stories with Michael Reid

Published on August 15, 2018 By Anthony Anderson

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON welcome back MICHAEL REID as he shares some more scary KAIDAN JAPANESE GHOST STORIES! MICHAEL is an avid Japanese film and history buff. During the 90’s he wrote for several fanzines, highlighting than obscure Japanese film, TV Dramas ect, than moving onto web pages, and later social media groups, as […]

Ecto Portal #101 Moberly and Jourdain Time Travel to Versailles

Published on August 8, 2018 By Anthony Anderson

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON explore whether English academics CHARLOTTE ANNE MOBERLY and ELANOR JOURDAIN experienced a time slip to pre-revolutionary France in which they saw MARIE ANTONIETTE. Delusion? Reality? Tune in and discover with us all the details of this 1901 incident that still baffles to this day.


Published on July 26, 2017 By Anthony Anderson

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON are joined with tonight’s guest, Paranormal Investigator, MICHELLE LEBARON!  She will chat with us and share her many adventures as she strives to complete her “Paranormal Bucket List” of places to investigate.  We will also present the PARANORMAL NEWS from around the world. Save


Published on March 8, 2017 By Anthony Anderson

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON talk about the controversial tradition started by ALEISTER CROWLEY known as THELEMA. They will discuss the history and practice with members of the Temple Of Thelema group known as: Burning Hearts, Pronaos #9. Find out what it really means to: Love Under Will. LINDA WALKER who is also a Thelema […]


Published on July 20, 2016 By Anthony Anderson

This week we discuss the moral ethics of ghost hunting both with respect to the living, dead and private property.  Provoking while ghost hunting is interaction to induce a response and is always a concern, we will explore the good and the bad practices of this procedure and what results we expect to find.  Common […]

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