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The John Miller Program w/ Susan Maletta from 2008 Tuesday 6:PM Studio 1A!

Published on January 28, 2020 By admin

FCCFREE RADIO are playing great archived programming of the JMP for the next month on Tuesday 6:PM and Sunday at 4:PM in advance of FCCFREE RADIO’s 12th Anniversary. There will be two LIVE shows on Sunday March 1st 4:PM with Susan Maletta and Tuesday March 3rd 6:PM with Ashly Russell. Both shows will be packed […]

Tonight at 10:00 PM The John Miller Program Rewind

Published on March 11, 2017 By admin

Here is what we know, this was recorded 6/9/2012 in the old studios…  after that we have no idea……. All we know is it should be a fun podcast… and this is what the boss said to do! This was during the age of Susan Maletta…….. and here is what she wrote.. This week we […]

The Best of The John Miller Program…

Published on April 20, 2015 By admin

So this week John Miller will be at CSM (College of San Mateo) giving his “State of Radio” lecture, and Ashly Russell will be doing her thing and they wont be back till May 5th at 6:00 PM. Till then they come back, management decided to start playing The Best of The John Miller Program. John has […]

On this week installment of The John Miller Program

Published on November 10, 2012 By admin

The question is how do you beat having a Chicken and Bob Rubin on the radio at the same time….. You have to bring the heat for sure and they have the fire burning this week…. John Miller and Susan Maletta are back with a great lineup of guests. Tonight they will have long time […]

Tonight’s installment of John and Susan….

Published on October 13, 2012 By admin

 Four years ago tonight John and Susan launched FCCFREE RADIO with a LIVE broadcast from the Sunset at Pittsburgh’s Bar. It was going to happen two weeks before but a car ran into the bar. So let’s hope a car don’t drive thru the station tonight! On The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta they have from Los […]

Comedy Day Radio hosted by John Miller and Susan Maletta

Published on September 3, 2012 By admin

So John and Susan return to Studio 1A to host the #2 Annual Comedy Day Radio Special. They will be talking about the special times that they both have had at Comedy Day. They are also hosting comics that will be performing on the Comedy Day Stage. So here is the guest list….featuring Robert Hawkins, Jimmy […]

This week’s installment of John and Susan Saturday at 8 PM PST

Published on July 21, 2012 By admin

Tonight on the show we welcome back our dear friend Phil Perrier! Phil is a hilarious national touring stand-up comedian and writer for the Jay Leno show as well as the George Lopez show. (Not to mention a regular on the John Miller Program with Susan Maletta!) He started with All Comedy Radio in the […]

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