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B Side Mikey Show “w” Lil D / System Of A Down / 12-1-18

Published on December 1, 2018 By B Side

This evenings live PODCAST I’ll be joined by Lil D, as we rip out a SYSTEM OF A DOWN show. Her spontaneous idea which will go down from 8-10 PM (PST) in the world famous Studio 2B. A great band with short tracks that leaned on the hard / metal / punk side of life. […]

B Side Mikey Show / Kyuss #2 / 11-24-18

Published on November 24, 2018 By B Side

Well I needed a good dose of some KYUSS for my dome this evening. The B Side Mikey Show / Podcast will go down LIVE in Studio 2B from 8-10 PM. This band whom I was turned on to by PJ Boston back in the day blew me away. Great Stoner Rock with a serious […]

B Side Mikey Show / Mixed Bag #4 / 10-27-18 / REPLAY

Published on November 3, 2018 By B Side

PODCAST REPLAY… CLICK BELOW! Out this evening handling things so check last weeks MIXED BAG #4 show /podcast. I went all over the map with in my own mosh pit at times. Ripped tracks from Pantera, Truck Fighters, Nugent, Megadeath, Quo Vadis, Alice, Godsmack, Strapping Young Lad, Sheavy, Schenker,** & Blitzspear! ENJOY > I Thank […]

B Side Mikey Show / Mixed Bag #4 / 10-27-18

Published on October 27, 2018 By B Side

CHEERS… Tonight for the 4th time in the history of the show I’ll rip out a MIXED BAG of bands. 8-10 PM (PST) the LIVE / PODCAST goes down in the world famous studio 2B. I’ll play some tracks from Alice, Pantera, Quo Vadis, Nugent, Strapping Young Lad, to drop a small hint for your […]

B Side Mikey Show / Jason Newsted Metallica Years / 10-20-18

Published on October 20, 2018 By B Side

Tonight is a first as I’ll cover some of the JASON NEWSTED years with METALLICA. It goes down in Studio 2B from 8-10 (PST) Live / Podcast here on www.fccfreeradion.com. Very hard shoes to fill after the passing of Cliff Burton,(R.I.P. brother Cliff) however Jason helped drop some amazing tracks for all of us to […]

B Side Mikey Show / Motley Crue “w’ Tommy T / 10-13-18

Published on October 13, 2018 By B Side

Tonight on the B Side Mikey Show, Tommy T & myself will rip out an old school MOTLEY CRUE show.  8-10 (PST) in Studio 2B LIVE, as we’ll try as best as possible, to cover the B Sides. Many cool tracks did hit the radio over the decades, so it’s hard to avoid. However the […]

B Side Mikey Show / Cultural Warfare / 9-15-18

Published on September 15, 2018 By B Side

Tonight is big as myself & Walter Morgan will be joined by Billy Garoutte from CULTURAL WARFARE. Am amazing local bay area metal band that formed in 2010 will be covered on this live podcast. Join us from 8-10 PM (PST) in the world famous studio 2B. Other members of the band may join the […]

B Side Mikey Show / Slipknot “w” Tommy T / 9-8-18

Published on September 8, 2018 By B Side

Tonight Tommy T (his idea) & I will rip out some bad ass SLIPKNOT in the world famous STUDIO 2B. Listen LIVE / PODCAST from 8 – 10 PM (PST) as we’ll bring some crazy tracks in to your ear holes. CLICK BELOW all of you amazing “Blues Lovin” “Rock N Rollin” “Stoner Rock” “Metal Heads” […]

B Side Mikey Show / Prong #2 / 8-1-2018

Published on September 1, 2018 By B Side

Live – Podcast in Studio 2B from 8-10 tonight (PST). I /me / Mikey have a hankering, to rip some PRONG! My boy Sam Kress (R.I.P. brother) some time back dropped this album on me and referred to it as “The Power of the Riff”. I caught on quickly as we found “Cleansing” at a […]

B Side Mikey Show / Black Sabbath / The Obscure / “w” PJ Boston / 8-18-18

Published on August 18, 2018 By B Side

This evening LIVE from 8-10 PM (PST) in Studio 2B is for the TRUE BLACK SABBATH FANS ONLY! I’ll be joined by PJ BOSTON from Metal Groove Radio as we’ll cover the OBSCURE-SABBATH. Recordings with completely different lyrics / no lyrics / different drums / leads etc. This is the true power of the B […]


Published on August 5, 2018 By Metal Groove Radio

METAL GROOVE RADIO’s jam packed 170th episode will tackle one of the most important topics of our time …… BEER !!! that’s right, we have straight up expert CLIFF the BEER GUY from CALICRAFT BREWING here in studio to tell the MGR listeners whats up in the world of PREMIUM BEER ….. CLIFF will be […]

Jimi Hendrix #2 / B Side Mikey Show 8-4-18

Published on August 4, 2018 By B Side

Tonight’s Live Podcast goes down from 8-10 PM (PST) in the world famous studio 2B! JIMI HENDRIX whom has inspired so many musicians for decades, is the feature this evening for all of your ear holes around the world. I’ll hold to the true fashion of the B SIDE, by playing many obscure versions of […]


Published on July 29, 2018 By Metal Groove Radio

KYUSS WORLD RADIO returns this week for our 36th episode with La Quinta’s JOE MORA from HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES, STREET DRUGS DTLA and the legendary HDR !!!! …. JOE is gonna let us rip a SHITLOAD of unreleased tracks AND have an exclusive chat with us all about his upcoming projects and shows as well […]


Published on July 22, 2018 By Metal Groove Radio

our 168th episode of METAL GROOVE RADIO is coming at you tonight !!! we will be ripping our own distinctive brand of HEAVY METAL RADIO as your host PJ BOSTON will be joined by our pal MANZONI and we will have a special visit from GUITAR PHENOM ANTHONY DENNY !!!! …. it’s all going down […]

B Side Mikey Show / Awesome Cover Tracks #1 7-21-18

Published on July 21, 2018 By B Side

My friend Alex gave me the idea of doing some sick COVER TRACKS for a show so here we go! Tommy T will join me in Studio 2B LIVE from 8-10 PM (PST) and we will let the tracks rip. Bands like STONE SOUR, KYUSS, TESTAMENT, DARK TRANQUILITY,  IRON MAIDEN to name some! Buckle down […]


Published on July 15, 2018 By Metal Groove Radio

METAL GROOVE RADIO #167 is a summertime (in the U.S.A.) metal block spectactular where we fixin’ fuckin KILL THE INTERNET with FAT BLOCKS OF METAL !!!! …. we finally have a weekend where everything hasn’t FALLEN TO SHIT last minute (which has been the M.O. around here for the last 4 weeks …. but i […]


Published on July 8, 2018 By Metal Groove Radio

METAL GROOVE RADIO’s 166th EPISODE will be another shining example of how to KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES !!! …. we will be fixing to rip the internet with an entire show of EPIC TRACKS !!! thats right, all epic, all night on MGR …. our 166th SHOW will straight FUCKING SLAY and we hope everyone will join us LIVE !!! JOHN MILLER […]

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