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Underground Mayhem With Mike Glendinning-4/28/2018 So, you wanna be heard, huh?

Published on May 12, 2018 By Mike Glendinning

It’s Saturday and its time for another episode of Underground Mayhem. One question I get from musicians just starting out is “How do I get my music heard?” On this episode, I have KC Turner from KC Turner Presents. KC is a music promoter, produces many types of live music events throughout the bay area and is also a singer-songwriter. PJ Boston is the […]

Underground Mayhem With Mike Glendinning-5/5/2018 Robots, Films and That Song On The Tip Of Your Tongue. 

Published on May 5, 2018 By Mike Glendinning

Happy  Cinco de Mayo. Joining me on Underground Mayhem today is Frank Garvey and Dean. Frank is the musical director of the band MOTH NOR RUST. He is also the creator of the WALL OF ASHES installation featuring life-sized performing robots and he is also a filmmaker.  Dean is a singer-songwriter who puts his own […]

Underground Mayhem With Mike Glendinning-4/28/2018 How To Survive A Recording Studio!

Published on April 28, 2018 By Mike Glendinning

If you ever wanted a career in a recording industry, wanted to produce music, wanted to know what goes on in a studio or you are just a studio rat then you should check this episode out. Joining me will be Burke Trieschmann of Open Door Productions. Burke is a man with a huge hat collection. […]

What’s Really Happening?

Published on March 17, 2018 By Luke Sauer

Well…Guys/and women This is your host Luke Sauer. I scared my cat today and I feel really bad. I was spinning her chair like I thought she liked but it turns out it freaked her out. I feel bad so please tune into my show to make me feel better. If not for me do […]

Not Safe For Work – Guest: Lisa Backer and Mike Glendinning

Published on February 7, 2018 By NSFW

#NSFWradio host Jay Austin Graham presents dark news from bright people, Lisa Backer!  We answer questions like:  Does hot tea cause cancer?  Why was child porn on Facebook?  Should you cheat at Monopoly?  How much is a new flamethrower?  Why do internet activists keep hanging themselves?  Music from Korn, Arch Enemy, and 2 Skinnee J’s! […]

What’s Really Happening?

Published on October 1, 2017 By Luke Sauer

  Welcome and Happy International Music Day, We might play some international music to celebrate.   Today on the show rapper Kno’juan will be joining us. Mike Glendinning will be in the studio. The Good Ol Boyz will also be joining us bringing some of that rap with a country twist. I am excited for this.  […]

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