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The*Booth – Season of the Sickness Ep.1

Published on April 15, 2018 By Rizal Mabuhay

The*Booth – Seasson of the Sickness Ep.1 …. The dream has become reality. Back in the day, the summer of 1997 in fact, on the boardwalk of Venice Beach, I envisioned an S#!% Talking Booth. A place where weary patrons looking for shade, a safe place to sit, and a basic respite from the nonsense […]

Bridesmaid Horror Stories – January 25, 2018

Published on January 25, 2018 By Moon Choe

Another day, another -500 dollassssssss. Ugh everything is so dumb, tried to do my taxes today and EVERYTHING IS BUMMING ME OUT.  Anyways, at least I get the sweet sweet relief of white wine w/ my white ladies – it’ll be small but fun! Come bum out with us, 6-8 pm. *Shoutout to Lori for […]

Bridesmaid horror stories – January 11, 2018

Published on January 11, 2018 By Moon Choe

This week sucks. I hope Lori makes it to the show today! She’s been sick but we are selfish and want her to hang out with us. Elizabeth and I had fun hangs last weekend, can’t wait to recap all of it on our award winning show. Oh man, if Lori doesn’t come does that […]

Lilycat on Stuff – Wilderness begins at FCCFree Radio

Published on May 7, 2016 By Lilycat on Stuff

Hello sweeties So, I have on the show the author of ‘ Wilderness Begins at Home Travels with my big Sicilian Family.” – Camille Cusumano… I’m excited about this show cause I have some Sicilian in my blood and laughter in my heart… … We will do an Ode to moms too… by playing music […]

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