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The Brian Knockin Show At Noon 7/20/2016

Published on July 19, 2016 By Brian Knockin

Tweet The local San Francisco Bay Area taste maker @BrianKnockin is back with The Brian Knockin Show bringing you perspective on world wide events and music to take you to another place at the same time. Its been a ruff few weeks with all thats been going on in our world so Brian felt like it […]

Fish Burps: Episode 42: A Pronic Meanderer

Published on July 17, 2016 By Fish Burps

Tweet Tonight a very special very episode of Fish Burps tackles hot-button issues such as, “Who heated up this fucking button?”  “Should felons be allowed to vote or does Fish Burps’ voice not matter?”  “Should we keep God in the Pledge or should we stop asking kids to proffer allegiance to a piece of cloth?”  […]

Skullz Show LIVE and still standing!

Published on July 11, 2016 By The Skullz Show

Tweet After 3 weeks of heaviness, sadness and loss, with the death of our beloved co host, Gerhard “G” Teiseler, the remaining crew on the Skullz Show forges on tonight as this is what G would want! Tonight we will be discussing this new phenomenon,  Pokemon Go, reviewing whats gone down in the country since we […]

Fish Burps: Episode 41: Dumb 41

Published on July 10, 2016 By Fish Burps

Tweet Tonight’s episode of Fish Burps is the first of four meaningless episodes, which, for us, is saying something. The next milestone won’t be until episode 45 because things are only celebrated in increments of 5. We don’t really respect that notion but we accept it. Like mayonnaise. We don’t care for it but we […]

Fish Burps: Episode 40: We Greeted You With a 40 and Then Started Talking. Also, Artisanal Pickles.

Published on July 4, 2016 By Fish Burps

Tweet Some said it couldn’t be done. Some said it shouldn’t be done. Most people didn’t care either way. But here we are with the 40th episode of Fish Burps. Tonight is a special show due to our show’s episodic anniversary as well as our very special guest, the delightfully strange Katy Karns. Katy is […]

Fish Burps: Episode 39: Brexit at Tiffany’s

Published on June 27, 2016 By Fish Burps

Tweet Tonight on Fish Burps, it’s a time for reflection. How far we’ve come, where we’re at, who is that strange man in the corner l0oking at Doug like he knows something he shouldn’t. So many things. DSD welcomes comics and all around merry fellows Joseph Ugalde and Florentina Tanase to the show to discuss […]

Fish Burps: Episode 38: 38 Shows and 38 Days Sober. Well Done, More the Latter Than the Former.

Published on June 12, 2016 By Fish Burps

Tweet Fish Burps episode 38 is a very special eventisode. Why is this episode so special that a word had to be made up just to describe its specialness, you ask? Well, if you’ll give me a minute I’ll tell you. Ready? Dan, Doug, and Sara have a guestless guest list tonight. It’s just them. […]

Fish Burps: Episode 37: The Temperature in Celsius of the Human Body. Thanks, Vic.

Published on June 6, 2016 By Fish Burps

Tweet Fish Burps episode 37 features the crew all together and boy oh boy, do they have a lot to catch up on. Sara missed last week and Doug missed the previous week and Dan has missed being in the same room with them both. Dan means this sincerely so piss off if you don’t […]

Fish Burps: Episode 36: This Show Has Gone Yard. Plus, Aruba, Jamaica, Put the Suntan Lotion in the Basket

Published on May 29, 2016 By Fish Burps

Tweet OOOHHHH man, do we have a show for yu’ns tonight. Sara DeForest is on the coast east of this one this weekend and in her stay we are welcoming another lovely lady, Bianca Bahman. Bianca is a friend of D & D’s and quite an interesting….lady?, I guess. Bianca will undoubtedly bring most if […]

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