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Lilycat on Stuff- Let’s go the Wicca way for Halloween

Published on October 24, 2015 By Lilycat on Stuff

Hello Sweeties For the next Sunday – Will talk about Halloween, Pagan holidays, Wicca history, and practical magic with the wonderful Reverent Joey Tally of the Wicca Way (no problem too big, too small, too weird for the Wicca Way)… We will play Halloween music and howl at the moon hugs Sundays – Lilycat on […]

Lilycat on Stuff- The Butch and Toxicat

Published on October 3, 2015 By Lilycat on Stuff

Hello Sweeties For the next Sunday – David Schein promoting his up coming theater pieces, which include “Distraction and Out Comes Butch”…. Plus others… Also, we will have back the beautiful writer, musicians, and tattoo coach – Serana Toxicat talking about her new book about life as an artist and eating disorders …. And more… […]

Lilycat on Stuff- Cool – a wizard

Published on April 11, 2015 By Lilycat on Stuff

Hello Sweetiecats This Sunday – We will be getting a phone call interview with Oberon – a wizard..the last show with Pagan royalty was great… So this should be fun.. And educational Oberon Zell (born 11/30/42) has accomplished many things in his long and colorful career. A modern Renaissance man, Oberon is a transpersonal psychologist, […]

Lilycat on Stuff- Pagan Royalty

Published on March 7, 2015 By Lilycat on Stuff

Hello Sweeties This Sunday – we will have Annwfn Royals… Yes pagan royals… You may not of known about this before (I didn’t)… But how cool is it. So, we will learn all about the social hierarchy , community, and lifestyle of the pagan ..and cast dome spells and play some music… Sundays – Lilycat […]

Lilycat on Stuff – Coming Out Atheist

Published on November 8, 2014 By Lilycat on Stuff

Hello Sweeties This Sunday – We will get the scoop on Atheist from Greta Cristina – a wonderful writer and one of the founders of the Godless Pervert’s Story Telling and social group… She has written such books as “Coming Out Atheist: How to Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why”,”Why Are You […]

Lilycat on Stuff – Lifestyles of the dead and buried

Published on November 23, 2013 By Lilycat on Stuff

Hello Sweeties This Sunday… We will have the wonderful writer – Loren Rhoads author of “Wish you were here, Adventures in cemetery tours” and many other wonderful thing, And she published ‘Morbid Curiosity’ magazine… So we will talk about all things morbid but beautiful…> Plus in the second half (1pm) a call in from  the […]

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