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ECTO PORTAL #43 Angels Light and Dark

Published on May 31, 2017 By Anthony Anderson

What are angels? How do they serve humanity today? Are there angels who encourage evil as well as good?  How can we call on them and bring them closer to our personal lives? ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON discuss a subject that is well loved but not always understood. LINDA WALKER joins with the latest  […]

ECTO PORTAL #42 EVP Voices Of The Other Side

Published on May 24, 2017 By Anthony Anderson

Have you ever seen a ghost?  Have you ever heard a voice call your name and you turn around and find nobody else around? What if you could record the voices of those you can not see and hear around you and play them back?  What would you hear?  What would they say to you?  […]

ECTO PORTAL #41 Saints and Mystics

Published on May 17, 2017 By Anthony Anderson

What are saints? What makes them different than the rest of the population and how do they play a role in today’s changing world.  ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON will discuss a subject that is both controversial and not that well known in many spiritual traditions. LINDA WALKER will join with the latest PARANORMAL NEWS.


Published on April 12, 2017 By Anthony Anderson

This week we all take a step back into the past with Hosts, ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON as they present the tales of our youth, we all will find familiar, but perhaps did not really consider their meaning of dark tones, as we present PARANORMAL BROTHERS GRIMM.  There are over 201 collected tales from […]


Published on April 5, 2017 By Anthony Anderson

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON will present the fascinating world of PAST LIVES AND REINCARNATION.  Why is it we hear of small children having the most documented proof of this spiritual phenomenon more so than adults?  Can it be true that nearly half of the planets population believes is some sort of reincarnation or rebirth […]


Published on March 29, 2017 By Anthony Anderson

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON have an in depth conversation with DAVID JOHANSSON about the contemporary world of REAL VAMPIRES.  A sub-culture of those that choose to live and breathe a lifestyle that has its share of taboos, both socially and medically.  Do these REAL VAMPIRES sleep in coffins?  Do they turn into bats and […]


Published on March 8, 2017 By Anthony Anderson

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON talk about the controversial tradition started by ALEISTER CROWLEY known as THELEMA. They will discuss the history and practice with members of the Temple Of Thelema group known as: Burning Hearts, Pronaos #9. Find out what it really means to: Love Under Will. LINDA WALKER who is also a Thelema […]

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