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Ecto Portal #148 The Ghost Club

Published on August 7, 2019 By Anthony Anderson

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON explore the roots of THE GHOST CLUB, the worlds oldest PARANORMAL SOCIETY in history, founded in 1862 in London.  Members included SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE and CHARLES DICKENS. The GHOST CLUB participated in several investigations and even a revealed a few HOAXES! Tune in to learn more about the ORIGNAL […]

Ecto Portal #97 The Dover Demon

Published on July 11, 2018 By Anthony Anderson

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON will unravel the 1977 mystery of a strange creature spotted by more than one person in the town of Dover, MA.  Was it a childhood vacation prank, or was it a real demon that was spotted? Tune in and discover the complete mystery with us. http://media.blubrry.com/fccfreeradio/p/www.fccfreeradio.com/archive/ecto/ecto_previous_2018-07-18_19-55-03.mp3Podcast: Play in new window […]

Ecto Portal #73 THE EXORCIST The True Story

Published on January 10, 2018 By Anthony Anderson

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON will present the truth behind the inspiration for the novel and film THE EXORCIST.  A young boy went through a series of exorcisms in the late 1940’s and the ordeal was both very real and the true life inspiration for the legendary novel by WILLIAM PETER BLATTY.  Sit back in […]


Published on November 22, 2017 By Anthony Anderson

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON will harken back to Halloween night, England in 1992 as the BBC presented a groundbreaking live television show that would shock the British nation, cause illness, sleeplessness and even suicides!  What could possibly have caused so much havoc in a live broadcast and garnered over 11 million viewers? And generated […]

ECTO PORTAL #64 The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel aka Emily Rose

Published on November 8, 2017 By Anthony Anderson

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON go behind the true story of ANNELIESE MICHEL, a young and devout Catholic girl, who was possessed by demons in Bavaria West Germany in 1976.  The battle for her soul even produced the stigmata, in itself a holy sign of her connection with God during the ordeal.  Turn the lights […]


Published on September 6, 2017 By Anthony Anderson

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON will present THE AMHERST HAUNTING a notorious case of reported poltergeist activity in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada between 1878 and 1879.  The terrifying and often violent activity centered around ESTHER COX and followed wherever she went leaving a path of destruction and terror in her wake.  ANTHONY and VERNA will […]

ECTO PORTAL #42 EVP Voices Of The Other Side

Published on May 24, 2017 By Anthony Anderson

Have you ever seen a ghost?  Have you ever heard a voice call your name and you turn around and find nobody else around? What if you could record the voices of those you can not see and hear around you and play them back?  What would you hear?  What would they say to you?  […]


Published on January 11, 2017 By Anthony Anderson

ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON discuss the topic of vampires and their connections to folklore and for some people, reality.  We will explore a couple of known cases where many believed that vampires had been living among the living and the dramas that unfolded after their attempted exposure.  We will also look at vampires in […]


Published on August 3, 2016 By Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson and Verna Wilson Cover a sensitive topic this week with demonic possession.  Is this a real phenomena or is this simply a bi-product of religion?  Are there really spirits out there that can inhabit living bodies, using them as hosts as they feed off the victims energy?  Tonight we welcome special guest, paranormal […]

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