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Lilycat on Stuff – How wrong and wonderful – Awaking the Podiatrist”

Published on May 27, 2017 By Lilycat on Stuff

Hello sweeties Next Sunday – Will will have Terry Baum the creator of performer of the the Fringe play “Awaking the Podiatrist” and the producer – Carolyn. This is a great play with puppets and songs about family member being in a coma …. Love it… We will also, cover some other things I find […]

Lilycat on Stuff – Time traveling about love and travel adventures gone bizarre

Published on July 19, 2014 By Lilycat on Stuff

Hello Sweeties This Sunday … We will have three wonderful woman journeying though our on-line audio adventure… –Sexy and talented -Rasa Vitalia will come on the help me co-host and play tacks off her new CD, which she will beginning touring with very soon… –Terry Baum -will stop by to promote her amazing one woman […]

Lilycat on Stuff – Crones and a Crooner

Published on March 8, 2014 By Lilycat on Stuff

Hello Sweeties This Sunday..We will have a wonderful talk about life in Bay Area and the art scene here with the funny and wise CrackPot Crones (a great knowledge of the art and political history in the Bay Area) and the sexy and talented singer and dancer Rasa Vitilia (who is everywhere – doing everything)… […]

Lilycat on Stuff – Look mama, I’m political

Published on August 6, 2011 By Lilycat on Stuff

      Hello sweeties This week’s show is I have my personal choice for the next SF Mayor – Terry Baum… And it’s just cause she the one who wanted to come on my show or cause of her great funny theater …. Including a puppet musical and fucked up hospital stays – thouhgh […]

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