The Brian Knockin Show At Noon 9/21/2016

brian knockin show logo 320x240Taste Makers back to get it poppin! @BrianKnockin and @AMEROTHADON local San Francisco Bay Area native’s are back in at noon with The Brian Knockin Show! Last week we hit you up with #AllCoonsMatter alert after all the athletes came out against Colin Kaepernick lead national Anthem sit against oppression and police brutality but this week we are setting up a #coon free philosophy… #HaCoonamatata no worries over these coons for the rest of our lives! Lol!!!  Oh and our President of the United States of America something along the line of “it would be a ‘personal insult’ to my legacy if black voters don’t back Clinton”, and more of what is in my opinion bullshyt and fuckery! So catch up with B and Amero from 12 Noon to 2 Pm on Wednesday afternoon! Don’t miss out!

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