The economics of sexuality and abundance, plus Masquerotica on-location

A special holiday treat from the Wet Spots on tonight’s Sexploration with Monika. Plus, how the spirit of Thanksgiving could save us from the economic downturn… and how to put the spirit of Thanksgiving in your pants!! How is economic scarcity related to sexual scarcity, and how is the expectation of sexual scarcity perpetuated in our culture? Plus, You can come on a roving exploration of the big sexy epic Masquerotica, chatting with Annie Sprinkle, porn star parodist Tom Orr, Margo St James founder of COYOTE and the St James Infirmary, burlesque dancer and body-image activist Lady Monster, SF’s sluttiest blogger Fleur De Lis, the Asian Diva Girls, democracy activists Tony’s Circus, and more zombie strippers than at which you can shake bloody doll parts. I couldn’t really chat with the zombie strippers, they just groan and moan but at least they love me for my brains. Masquerotica, October 22nd, was the 1st annual Halloween celebration from the creators of the Sea of Dreams NYE party, Opulent Temple and FreshSF. Nine stages and exotic playgrounds of indulgence and really smart eye candy like the spectacular Kinky Salon XXX Funhouse with not only zombie strippers but also vampires, jungle savages, and the Grope-a-Clown booth. Plus an excellent point about tax dollars and sex work made by a villanous goose-duck. The Hooker’s Ball Brothello MC’d by Annie Sprinkle, Carol Queen of Center for Sex & Culture, Margo St James and yours truly. Masquerotica photos here: Lots of eye candy! Download free podcasts at

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