The Hella Positive Show! #25 – Kaly Jay – July 25, 2017

Tonight at 6pm! The Hella Positive Show LIVE with this week’s special guest… Kaly Jay! We’ll be discussing his newest album “Raincoat Saucy” available here – @Kaly Jay

The Hella Positive Show is a talk show that serves as platform for bringing people together to discuss positive ideas, community, and art in the Bay Area and abroad. We use the platform to inspire #HellaPositiveConversations about topics in the world that need creative solutions or need to be talked about. Hella Positive is a grass roots movement started in the San Francisco, Bay Area. We invite you to listen in, Tuesdays at 6pm at To learn more about Hella Positive check out or the #hellapositive hashtag. Check us out on Instagram: @hellapositive for daily inspiration, updates, community events and coupon codes when shopping at !

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