The Light One PotCast S.1 Ep.3

LightOne Potcast S.1 Ep.3
On this show we provide a Quick preview of topics looking to talk about last show.  We thanked our guests Cali Koo, Heather aka FriscoPink aka Old News Bro, And of the Royal Family Shanette aka Rise Up Radio (studio 1a Thursday 8-10pm.  Topics covered were Different Weed law, Athletes and healing, Sports, JJ Watt and Red Cross helping Houston, Heatwave, Cani-Magazines, Medicinal healing versus recreational use, Promos n shout outs.
Weekly star – Houston Texan player JJ Watt started trying to raise 250k went to around 15 million Houston and Texas area flood. Lastly, Preview to next week more industry and love setting up for a great can’t miss  show next week and Thankful for the Special guests we are lining up. Til the  next time LIGHT ONE UP & Accept Yourself, Love Yourself, Celebrate Yourself!! -1


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