The O.S.T. Show 3/25/19

Welcome to The Opinionated Sports Talk Show (The OST Show) with Your Boy Brian. The most talked about and most controversial sports talk show on air! @YourBoyBrian25

NBA: People need to stop giving LeBron James sh*t because the Lakers have been eliminated from the Playoffs, its been 13 years!! Kevin Durant’s “adopted brother” was shot and killed, Warriors getting ready for make that run for 3rd NBA title in a row and I tell you why I think James Harden’s 61 point game was not impressive but more about his stats and overrated. NFL: Are the Raiders set for postseason? NO still have holes and many issues but they made a big splash in free agent and trade moves made. I HATE the double standard in the NFL, I’ll explain wth I’m talking about.  Rob “The Gronk” Gronkowski says he’s retiring from football but something seems fishy here, Robert Kraft and his case set this week and send apology. MLB: Ichiro Suzuki retires, where does he stand amongst the greatest baseball players of all time? San Francisco D.A will not file charges against SF Giants CEO Larry Baer, MLB’s contracts are getting out of hand as Mike Trout signs a 12 year $430 million dollar contract. NCAA Basketball Tournament: Duke survives and almost gets eliminated but I tell you why they are vulnerable and can be beat, Oregon the giant killers make it to the Sweet 16, Auburn knocks out Kansas Jayhawks but now have to face North Carolina, plus more on March Madness!

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