The Underground Mayhem Podcast-Creativity, Live Music, And Podcasts 9-9-18

This is one episode of The Underground Mayhem Podcast you don’t want to miss. If you’re struggling to get out of a creative plummet or you are a total beginner, getting your music, podcast, or art out to the public can be intimidating. I’m excited to bring my listeners an opportunity to hear four gentlemen share their stories and thought prosses on making things happen. Joining me on The Underground Mayhem Podcast will be…
Events planner, promotervisual artist and networking guru Rob Adam Jackson . Rob is also the founder of RipStar. It offers entertainment services, visual art programs, volunteer opportunities and that’s just for starters. Rob is also the brainchild of several mini art and music festivals. The latest one is Kandi-X-Stream, hosted by the Winters Tavern in Pacifica, CA.
Roy Washington is the host of QuestNation. A podcast that started out as a “behind the scenes” show for basketball, ended up as a podcast about everything from people doing dark things, the paranormal, to discussing local issues in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 
Singer-Songwriter Matt Bushman is a singer-songwriter from Reno, Nevada. His music is a blend of acoustic pop, pop rock, and indie folk.
Robert Anthony Morales is a musician from the Oakland, CA. He plays in a hard-hitting rock band called The Lucky Dog Band. Rob will also be performing at the Kandi-X-Stream show on the 14th of September. 
The Underground MayhemPodcast tries to cover the music creators of yesterday, today and tomorrow. So, listen in and see if we have something for you. Join me, live every Sunday from 4-6 PM PST by clicking here.  And be sure to check out the second podcast that I have with fellow FCCFREE Radio hosts Jay Austin Graham, Luke Ryan Sauer, And Zee Ziz called Wreckless Intent.

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