The Unofficial Halloween Special Of The Underground Mayhem Podcast-Horror Stories Of Serenity! -10/28/18

When you make Simon Cowell uneasy, you’re my kind of person. The unorthodox and elegant Geisha Davis will be hanging out with Ryan Voss and me on this episode of The Underground Mayhem Special. The so-called music expert Simon Cowell said he wanted “unique” on Britain’s Got Talent and on the show, she delivered leaving the judges and members of the audience puzzled by her song “Humpty Dumpty”. Geisha’s beautiful yet jarred appearance looks doll-like at first but at a second gander, you see that the makeup she wears is somewhat in the direction of war paint. This is the kind of entertainment and critical thinking our society needs and I’m honored to have this creative risktaker on my podcast.

Ryan Voss and Geisha will be talking about their highly anticipated performance in a secret location on Holloween Night that will also feature some great acts from the Bay Area subculture like No Mansfield, Doctor Dream, and Ryans band Ryvo And The Revolving Door. 

Also, I will be celebrating me being at FCC Free Radio for one year. I will be playing some of my favorite clips of past shows.

The Underground Mayhem Podcast tries to cover the music creators of yesterday, today and tomorrow. So, listen in and see if we have something for you. Join me,Mike Glendinning, live every Sunday from 4-6 PM PST by clicking here.  And be sure to check out the second podcast that I have with fellow FCCFREE Radio hosts Jay Austin Graham, And Zee Ziz called Wreckless Intent.
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