The Vinyl Thought, today Musicians, Jeff Scott & Horatio Monroe, we also explore mind benders like “Laurel or Yanny” w/ Dr. Gabriella Musacchia.

Today on The Vinyl Thought show, on FCC Free Radio we have Musician Jeff Scott, who is the pianist for the The World Famous Comedy Store, joining us, also we have local Musician Horatio Monroe coming in to play live.
And in the second half our curiosity segment we have Dr. Gabriella Musacchia, Neuroscience and Audiologist coming in to the studio to discuss the “Yanny or Laurel” phenomenon and other mind benders with us.
With Joe Hughes and co-hosts Tiny Garcia & Yvette Fernandez.
tune in and select, listen live to Studio 1A, 4-6pm PST 5/24

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