Tonight on Getting Higher Radio, Emoney joins us from TeamBackPack!

On tonight’s edition of Getting Higher Radio, we welcome Jon’s longtime friend and Sonoma, CA legend, rapper Emoney, who has used his exposure as a founding member of the once local and now globally recognized and appreciated TeamBackPack to catapult himself into the ears, eyes, and hearts of the world, spitting his unique truth for all to feel. He has never compromised who he is, nor pretended to be anything other than his genuine, goofy, hilarious, brilliant self, and as a white suburban ginger from a small cowtown, through work ethic, undying belief in self, and an incredible mouthpiece, has earned the respect of rap fans and connoisseurs the world over in a community generally reluctant to accept goofy whiteboys to the squad. We’ll be debuting a brand new single, letting you Bay folks know where you can catch him live, and giving him the chance to astound you with his freestyle skills.

Join us tonight from 8-10 pm PT only on FCC Free Radio at Click the live listen section and choose Studio 2B to listen in live.

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