2016-08-24 107 UFO Contactees with Glen Steckling AD v2ANTHONY ANDERSON and VERNA WILSON

Are joined by Glenn Steckling from the Adamski Foundation. We will discuss the legendary photographs and amazing claims of saucer enthusiast, George Adamski and his contact with a “Human Being From Another World” in 1952. Glenn will speak with us about the work of the Foundation and its importance in the field.




GlennStecklingGLENN STECKLING  the Director of the sixty year old George Adamski Foundation, one of the oldest enduring UFO organizations, discusses George Adamski, their families pioneering moon anomaly research from the 1970s & 80s, and his concerns regarding the developing agendas of misinformation directed toward the revisionism of UFO history. Mr. Steckling’s father, the late Fred Steckling, and his family were close friends and selected coworkers of George Adamski, who was considered by many to beThe Pioneer” in the early UFO Contactee field.

      Glenn Steckling is a professional aviator with more than 30 years flying experience and 20,000 hours of flight time throughout the world. He has had his own unique UFO experiences & is resolute about the importance of preserving and educating the public regarding accurate historical records, documentation, scientific fact verses science fiction, and the significance of the Adamski legacy. 

LINDAs HeadLINDA WALKER joins us to share the latest and strangest in the world of the paranormal this week.

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