The Underground Mayhem Podcast-How Ozzy Osbourne Influenced Dysfunction -10/7/18

Ozzy Osborne bites the heads off of bats and pisses on the side of the Alamo. His wife Sharon Osbourne is one of the most aggressive, brilliant, and inspirational managers in the music business today. Ozzy has not only sang for one of the most influential bands ever, Black Sabbath but in his solo career, he has had some of the greatest guitarists rock has to offer play for him.

On this episode of The Underground Mayhem Podcast, Metal Groove Radio Host PJ Boston and will I play some of our favorite Ozzy Tunes and talk about what went behind the songs.

On the 2nd hour, James Padula from The Padula show will be joining us on the phone. Originally James was going to call to scare the shit out of my original guests for this episode, the band Busy Lighthouse but they couldn’t make it to the show. I’m sure PJ will get a kick out of him.

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