UNEEK RADIO Season 1 EP.1 “DJ KWEEN UNEEK” with Special Guest Co-host The Lawrence Petty and friends 7.5.16


DJ Kween Uneek along with Co-host “The Lawrence Petty” & friends made their first debut on FccFreeRadio in Studio 2B on July 5, 2016. Episode 1 is about getting to know SF natives DJ Kween  Uneek and her Co-host “The Lawrence Petty” as they explain the direction and concept of Uneek Radio.  They both play their favorite songs to give the audience a feel of their eclectic taste and style of music through a variety of genres! From Deep house, Hip-Hop, R&B, Disco, Funk, Soul, Pop & Even Rock!!  Uneek Radio plays it all on this episode while having a good ole’ time & sharing stories that’s guaranteed to make you laugh! The show cuts in 3 minutes late on the podcast below. But don’t worry, just download the player and drag the cursor to forward it!


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