UNEEK RADIO Season 2 Ep.7 “LOVE MORE, HATE LESS” 11.22.16

uneekUNEEK RADIO Season 2 Ep.7 “LOVE MORE, HATE LESS” Tonite’s topic is related to the “North Dakota Pipeline” and the “Hate” that is going on in our Nation today. And with Thanksgiving right around the corner, Uneek Radio wants to raise awareness over this serious matter  & talk about the controversy surrounding this National Holiday and the irony of the matter at hand. Will there ever be justice for stolen land??? Tune in for this Special Episode of UNEEK RADIO with DJ Kween Uneek & her Co-host Netty Net, Teresa from https://www.hellabayclothing.com ,Tone from El Rio and other special guests coming by to chime in on this very important issue. The playlist for the topic is going to be sending out a Positive message throughout the WORLD from the airwaves of FCCFREERADIO.COM Studio 2B!! UNEEK RADIO is here to spread the word to “LOVE MORE, HATE LESS.” The Kween would also like to give a BIG Birthday shout out to her lil’ bro “Daniel” https://www.instagram.com/danielv20/ who just turned 21!!! Big sis is proud of him!! “Family Over Everything” is the motto on UNEEK RADIO!!!! So, GET UP, STAND UP!!! STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHT!! WE STAND WITH THE NATIVES OF THIS COUNTRY!! GOD BLESS THOSE IN NORTH DAKOTA WHO HAVE SUFFERED OVER THE PIPELINE MATTER THAT IS RUINING THEIR SACRED GROUND!! http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/dakota-pipeline-protests/dakota-pipeline-protesters-authorities-clash-temperatures-drop-n686581



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