UNEEK RADIO Season 2 Ep.8 “NOVEMBER RAIN” 11.29.16

uneek UNEEK RADIO Season 2 Ep.8 “NOVEMBER RAIN”.  “Since nothing last forever and we both know hearts can change & it’s hard to hold a candle in the cold November Rain.” Hmmmm??? (If you don’t know where that verse comes from, then your not a “Guns N Roses” fan!) Clearly the month of November is coming to an end and the Kween is feeling some type of way. She just arrived back to the Bay Area from visiting her family and friends in Atlanta over the weekend & just in time to go LIVE on air for tonite’s show at the World Famous Studio 2B!! Join the Kween and her Co-host Netty-Net along side Tone and Teresa from https://www.hellabayclothing.com  I’m not quite sure what the topic is for tonite, but I’m sure it will be quite entertaining. Whenever these four get together, it’s nothing but a good time!! Especially since it was Teresa’s birthday yesterday and since the Kween was out of town, I’m sure tonite she will be “TURNIN ALL THE WAY UP” just to make up for it! So, Tune In, Lay Back, Kick It and Enjoy The Ride!!! Uneek Radio is Always bringin the Heat!!


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