UNEEK RADIO Season 3 EP.10 “BRING THE NOIZE!” 03.21.17

UNEEK RADIO Season 3 Ep.10 “Bring The Noize!”

In the words of Chuck D. – Bass! How low can you go?
Death row, what a brother know?
Once again, back is the incredible
Rhyme animal
The uncannable D, Public Enemy Number One
Five-O said, “Freeze!” and I got numb
Can I tell ’em that I really never had a gun?
But it’s the wax that the Terminator X spun
Now they got me in a cell cause my records, they sell!
Cause a brother like me said,Well!! Farrakhan’s a prophet and I think you ought to listen to
What he can say to you, what you wanna do is follow for now”
Power of the people, say
“Make a miracle, D, pump the lyrical”
Black is back, all in, we’re gonna win
Check it out, yeah y’all, here we go again!! Turn It Up!!! BRING THE NOIZE!! -Public Enemy 1987

On the first hour, Co-host Netty-Net is back and she wants to raise awareness to the listeners about a topic that affects our children’s future in this nation. Tap link below for more info!


Chiming in will be DJ Bass 77 from Studio 2B https://www.facebook.com/Dj-Bass-77The-New-Bass-ment-Classic-Hip-Hop-RB-radio-show-152472608103762/

The Kween always has folks swinging by the “World Famous Studio 1A” & from what I hear she has a few announcements to make and plenty of shout outs to give! Aries season is coming!! Which means the next few weeks will be a whole bunch of partying for the Kween, since she’s an Aries herself!! On the second hour of the show, the Kween throws down on the 1’s & 2’s as she mixes some funky, dub, house music that makes you want to jump up & slap somebody!! If your a faithful listener, then you should already know how the Kween gets down! So, TUNE IN & TURN UP……UNEEK RADIO!!!!

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