UNEEK RADIO Season 3 EP.5 “These Are The Breaks!” 01.31.17

UNEEK RADIO Season 3 Ep.5 “These Are The Breaks!. The music playlist for tonite’s show will have a variety of music that will take you back in time. Music is an essential ingredient in breakdancing, and hip-hop dance songs make an ideal soundtrack. But rap is not the only option. Also great for dancing: 70’s soul, funk, and even jazz tunes all work as well. DJ Kween Uneek & her co-host Netty-Net, along with Mary-Mack loves paying homage to all the elements of hip-hop & the people who are considered pioneers in the game from every urban city all over the world!! One things for sure, the culture of hip-hop will never die!  I heard they invited a very special guest and good friend to the “World Famous Studio 1A” on FccFreeRadio tonight!  He goes by the name of “Kid Finesse”. He is one of the original members Master City Breakers. One of the first generation b-boy / b-girl crews from the “Bay Area” that is still actively involved in the community. During the early 80’s, M.C.B. taught for the SF Ballet Breakers and performed in the opening Gala, causing a lot of media attention.

M.C.B. became one of the earlier crews from San Francisco to appear on local & broadcast television. They are also active members of  Universal Zulu Nation. This show will give you some insight on  the Bay Area’s diverse hip-hop culture and how it began for them back in the early days! So Tune In, Lay Back, Kick It & Enjoy The Riiiiiiiiide!! Uneek Radio is taking us back to the basics!!  Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uneekradiosf/   Follow us on Instgram: https://www.instagram.com/uneekradiosf/   Share Our Post on FB or IG and you may win the next weekly “gift giveaway”!! The podcast for this episode cuts in a minute late. *Hit- “Download” to control player.  (rewind/forward/play/pause )


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