UNEEK RADIO Season 3 Ep.8 “HATERS GONNA HATE”. (Warning!- The music playlist for this episode is FIRE!!!)   Tonight it seems like the Kween has some things to get off of her chest. She plans to start off the first hour expressing it through music & shit talkin with co-host Netty-Net. After they blow off some steam, I’m pretty sure they will end it on a positive note & keep it pushin with laughter! Special guest and good friend of the Kween,”Theresa Amaya” will be sliding through the World Famous Studio 1A to celebrate & bring in her 40th birthday at midnight!! It’s a busy night at FCCFREERADIO with 2 of the “Hottest Shows” on air at the same damn time!! “Shots Fired” will be airing next door in Studio 2B with host Kiko & Tony Sparks!! And with UNEEK RADIO in Studio 1A I’m pretty sure #TurnUpTuesdays is what we are in for. On the second hour, the Kween will be playing Remy Ma & Lil Kim’s diss songs to Nicki Minaj….Ouch! The battle is thick & so is the hate! So Tune in, Lay Back and Enjoy the riiiiiiiiiiiiiide!! Uneek Radio is all about having a good time no matter what!!….It’s all love & entertainment! (The Podcast for this episode cuts in :20 seconds)

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