UNEEK RADIO Season 4 Ep.6 “GOLDEN STATE” 06.13.17

UNEEK RADIO S.4 EP.6 “GOLDEN STATE“. It’s only right to dedicate this episode to the  N.B.A. 2017 CHAMPIONS  !! On monday night, the Golden State Warriors finally put away the Cavs  129-120 in Game 5 of the NBA Finals  and reclaimed the title right at home. http://www.nba.com/warriors/championship/2017 Woooo!!! From Oakland to the Streets of  San Francisco…The energy in the Bay Area is crazy right now!!! The Kween has Co-host Netty-Net and DJ Rapture in the studio & they are ready to set the airwaves on fire & kick off a pre-party before tomorrows parade!! http://www.nba.com/warriors/news/2017-championship-parade/  They also have a Special Guest who goes by DJ Snick At Night  to talk about her event called  Puff Puff Paint  that takes place on July 2  in San Francisco. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/puff-puff-paint-tickets-35134742962  So Lay Back, Kick It and Enjoy the Riiiiiide!! #TuneInAndTurnUp Uneek Radio Baby!! #DubNation #WeTheBEST

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