UNEEK RADIO Season 2 Ep.5 “If I Ruled The World” 11.08.16

uneek UNEEK RADIO Season 2 Ep.5 “If I Ruled The World”…Imagine that! Today is Election Day and the Kween hopes you exercised your right to vote! If not, then you really have no right to complain about what goes on in this country! The topic at hand should be very interesting and comical, as well as the soundtrack for tonights show! You never know what the Kween feels like playing! She also has a few special surprise announcements & guest co-hostess coming thru the world famous Studio 2B on FCCFREERADIO!! You all should know how the Kween gets down! I’m sure she has no problem to get it poppin tonite!! Especially for her sister Tez who’s in town from the ATL celebrating her birthday today. So Tune In, Lay Back, Kick It and Enjoy The Riiiiiiiiiiide! Uneek Radio Baby!! Supporting All Up & Coming Artists Locally & Globally!! ALL Music. ALL Artists. ALL LOVE!! Check your Ego at the door & GET ON OUT THERE AND VOTE!!!

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