Vampire Radio #10 10-21-19 in STUDIO 2B 8pm til 10pm tune in on Monday October 21st for a pre Halloween show with yer hosts. DJ Roxy Roller and DJ Necromos Spiritus
9pm Lance Meathook from the band Meathook and The Vital Organs. >>>>>>. calling in from Austin Texas  9:30Neco Morbus and Cyba Nexx from the band NPMN calling in from parts unknown and some time in the 1st hour David Goad from the band Kali Ra calling in to promote his show on October 26th in Oakland
featuring a solo modern dance performance by Barbara Koch this week we will feature 1980’s Death Rock and Goth thats right boos and ghouls all original wave music.
obscure gems and classic faves for a bloody good time all killer no filler … that is just how we roll on Vampire Radio every Monday 8pm to 10pm on FCC Free Radio … radio for the people by the people

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