What’s Really Happening?

Good morning and happy Autism Sunday, It’s also Lincolns bday. I woulda voted for him if I could.    On this World Marriage day what better way too enjoy yourself with that special person then too cuddle with them and tune in to the What’s Really Happening show?  No need to answer that. A couple dope rappers will be joining us. First up we’ve got j.quest . I’ll be playing his entire latest cd ” Son of a city worker” . Then I’ve got Monk Hardtostop joining us. He’s gotta real powerful presence. He’ll be coming in with Tony Evaclear . Everyone should know that guys name.  Then we’ve got the great burlesque dancer Ash Miller AKA Tease Blossom.  I am your host Luke AKA Walgreens.  My co-host Sebastian Vego will be joining us if his back feels better.  He definitely could use the rest tho.

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