What’s Really Happening?

Good morning everyone, I hope you set your alarm clocks to join me for another episode of What’s Really Happening today from noon to 2pm. I love this show and I hope you will too. There’s always something different and new .  I am even surprised by the different things that  happen.  Today’s Best Friends Day so why not go get your best friend and spend some time listening to my show together? It’s also Chocolate Mint Day but I celebrated that yesterday.  Today on the What’s Really happening show we have Bella Martrice. She’s a poetress, an activist, a published writer, and many other things. Then we have the karaoke legend KJ Paul coming in the studio to join us. He’s definitely a very interesting guy. I am your host Luke Walgreens.  I am pretty sure my co-host Sebastian Vego will be joining us pretty hungover tho because he just had a birthday celebration. I believe he will be wearing his special eye lashes in honor of National Lashes Day.

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