The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta, Jan. 1

This New Year’s Day, January 1st, 2011, I will be in the program. …The John Miller Program…HEY-oh! Hey, where else can I go where I can immediately break all my New Year’s Resolutions, breathe in the stench of hungover comedians, and realize my true unfulfilled potential all in the same place? Huh?!?

This week as you listen to The John Miller Hangover Program…take it easy. Lay in bed, turn up your laptop speakers (but please don’t put your computer near your barf bowl), and tune into for your hangover cure. We are bringing in JUST the people to soothe your headaches away with laughter…but I can’t promise they won’t induce more nausea.

Phil Perrier is a hilarious national touring stand-up comedian and writer for the Jay Leno show as well as the George Lopez show. (Not to mention a regular on the John Miller Program with Susan Maletta!) He started with All Comedy Radio in the spring of 2003 and was syndicated on 37+ stations in the United States, 23+ stations in Canada, and one station in South Africa. He is best known for the Hollywood Report “Limited Access”, Recurring Sketches: “Interview with a Dead Guy”, “Celebrity Sodium Pentothal”, “Wisdom of the Ages, with Ceepak Okra”, and “Oblivious Witness to History”. In 1990, Phil started writing jokes for Jay Leno & “The Tonight Show” and still to this day writes for Jay.

Chuck Farnham was the radio stunt man of the year in FMQB for his work at Live 105. He attended the funerals of Richard Nixon, Sonny Bono, Buck Owens, and Roy Rogers. He was one of the 3 guys sued for Macplaymate by Playboy. He was in 4 adult films, Blondage, The Dog Walker, Fresh Meat, and The Voyeur. He wrote a book called The Best Mac Deal in the late 1980s. He traveled to 500 Grateful Dead shows, Europe, Alaska, and saw all 15 of the Warfield shows in 1980. He also created the first HyperCard products for Apple Macintosh computer, called “Smutstack”.

Also joining us to destroy our precious egos yet still manage to make us laugh our asses off…Kaseem Bentley, the Bay Area’s number one insult comic will be joining us!

And finally, the ever so raunchy, sometimes offensive, yet delightfully half-naked… Ricky Luna is back to see us! He’s a wild and crazy gay from San Francisco and ready and willing to say just about anything and do just about everything! With just about anybody!! HEY-o! I think he’s a joy. Almond Joy. Cuz he’s got nuts!!!

Tune in!

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For your New Year’s Resolution,
make a change in the way you look. Grow some bigger balls.

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