The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta, April 9th 2011

Studio 1A

Replay from 3/23/11

Next to Kim Kardashian’s fat ass…we are the bay area’s GUILTIEST PLEASURE and we are BACK baby! And sometimes we are fat asses ourselves! We know that the suspense has been killing you but we considered that your foreplay and now we are ready to bang you.

The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta is BACK, and we have a great new studio in SF, we are on the air at 107.3 FM in San Francisco, and our new website is Bookmark that shit! This Saturday night and every Saturday night, we feature and promote comedians from the bay area and all throughout the country. We select only the most talented, hilarious stand-ups, from up-and-comers to national touring headliners. Many of our comedians have been on TV, radio, movies, and in local bars getting smashed off their funny asses.

We are also free from the FCC. That means no rules, no constraints, no guidelines, no censorship, no political correctness, no impulse control, and no regard for social etiquette. We are party-friendly, potty-mouth-affectionate, and sexually repressed so we like to live vicariously through our guests.

We have a huge kick-off show this Saturday night, starting at 8 pm, and here’s the stellar lineup:

Our first guest is KATO KAELIN, the most famous houseguest of all time. An aspiring actor and professional freeloader, Kaelin lived in the guesthouse at OJ’s Rockingham mansion and offered a sense of humor to the OJ trial. Kaelin parlayed his fame into appearances on TV shows like The Norm Show (2001), Celebrity Boot Camp (2002), and Eye For an Eye (2005 – 07), and in movies including BASEketball (1998) and Dorm Daze 2 (2006). Kaelin also appeared bare-chested in an edition of the “New Yorker” and on the cover of “Playgirl.” He enjoys unparalleled success as an actor, often playing himself.

Always the class clown (and spending most of his formative years in the principal’s office), Rob Brackenridge was destined to become a comedian. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Rob has been based out of Los Angeles since 1992 and spends most of the year on the road, “bringing the funny” to audiences around the world. He tours regularly for the U.S. troops on the Miller Lite “Lite Laffs” program, and his television credits include Comedy Central’s “Make Me Laugh” and “Stand-Up, Stand-Up”. He is a favorite at the Improv, the Comedy Store, and Catch a Rising Star.

Kevin Munroe is a very tall and very funny man, originally from Jamaica Mon! Kevin Munroe, Finalist in the Rooster T. Feathers Annual Comedy Competition, is an amazing talent and force to be reckoned with (I reckon’)! He is also just a really cool person, always nice and supportive to other comics in the area, extremely professional, and might I add HILARIOUS. You can catch Kevin at all the major comedy clubs and he makes regular appearances at the SF Punchline.

Struttin’ her stuff in her amazingly high heels, skin-tight jeans, and Velma glasses, Lindsay Blaz has slammed into the violent mosh pit we call the bay area comedy scene! She’s a super funny up-and-coming comedian from Santa Cruz, a tough and rebellious renegade in the comedy business, and a really cool chick! Lindsay runs and hosts several popular comedy shows in the south bay area, including the Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz on Thursday nights, the Trout Farm in Felton on Monday nights, and The Verve Lounge in Aptos on Sunday nights. She and I have some really freaky, outlandish girl chat so you don’t want to miss that…

Kurt Weitzmann has been performing comedy for over 15 years and his act has been seen on Comedy Central, MTV, and on the stages of every San Francisco comedy club ever to come or go. Kurt Weitzmann created, edited, and produced the ingenious “SF Weakly”, a highly celebrated parody of the SF Weekly, for which he was labeled a comic genius by non other than The SF Weekly. Kurt Weitzmanns comedy sketch album TALENTED is now available on AMERICAN DREAMS RECORDS. Kurt is also the producer of the new hit film “Last Call” and co-creator of the very popular and funny “Jesus Roast” and “Hitler Roast”. Kurt is also a regular performer at the SF Punchline.

From the very moment this long-haired, middle aged, self proclaimed Rasta Jew Howard Stone enters the stage, hooting and hollering, you know you’re in for a special treat. As a single dad with a gruff exterior but a heart of pure gold, Stone spouts alternative family values with edge and irony. He proudly extols the importance of ether as a viable tool for child rearing while launching effortlessly into tirades about pop culture, commercialism and the absurdities of life. Howard has featured in the “Jesus Roast” and “Hitler Roast”, and “The Uncle Howard Show” and performs all over the bay area.

And finally, we’ll talk with Kaseem Bentley and Tony Sparks. Kaseem is the Bay Area’s number one insult comic and Tony Sparks is lovingly known as the “Father of SF Comedy”, as he is responsible for much of this comedy madness in San Francisco and in Oakland. Tony hosts the Speech Therapy comedy showcase at Il Pirata on the first Friday of the month. He also hosts Comedy & More at the SF Playhouse Sundays, and the Thursday open mic at the Brain Wash. Tony Sparks is one of the nicest and funniest comedians you can meet. He’s also one of the best comedy hosts you could be entertained by. Wonderfully supportive to comics of all levels (newbies to veterans), he helps make stage time available to anyone who wants it. Tony Sparks is a class act when it comes to professionalism, supporting the comedy community, and bringing non-stop laughs and fun to us all.

Now unbuckle your overalls, spit your chewing tobacco out, and take a very long, hot shower. We want you clean and ready for us.

Tune in! Listen to the John Miller Program with Susan Maletta this Saturday night at 8 pm to midnight!

The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta
Saturday Nights 8 PM – 12 AM

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