This show we talk about letting your freak flag fly and a buncha weird stuff. We talk about festivals, fairs, and current events. We talk about fashion and comedy on this show. We talk about that bay area traffic and road rage. We also play some songs related to getting freaky.  Recently I heard someone say Amen, Awomen, well…on this show we speak about what they both say. I mean why’s it gotta always be that’s what she said right? We sing some songs in studio, talk about karaoke and we also discuss whatever happened to the deez nuts guy. We also talk about a time when R. Kelly was cool. Also, Props to all the sexy nurses out there. This show gets pretty wild. It sounds like a party so please join me as we celebrate a time that didn’t suck so much.  I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer. Follow me on insta at

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