Don’t give us none of your aggravation. We had it with your discipline. Saturday night’s alright for fighting. Get a little action in. Get about as oiled as a diesel train. Gonna set this dance alight. ‘Cause Saturday night’s the night I like. Saturday night’s alright, alright, alright…woooo!

 Nicole Turley is an actor, comic, and pissed off waitperson/bartender and trainwreck from Hipsterland (Portland, OR). Nicole has appeared on stages all over the bay area and performed with the Five Funny Females. She is also co-host to FCC FREE RADIO’s “the Verve” show, likes long walks on the beach, and hates white guys with dreadlocks. Also back for more harassment…Bronston Jones is on the show! 

“Life’s short—I’m not!” isn’t just a pun for this 6’7″, 240lb, hairy giant; it’s Bronston Jones’ motto, mantra, and mission statement, meaning “Tall or small, LIVE LARGER THAN LIFE!” So after a 5-year hiatus directing commercials, Bronston’s back at the mic doing what he loves most—Saying Something without Selling Anything. From coast to coast, he revels in revealing his failings and through his conversational, story-telling style reveals failings we all share while talking about the demented Reality Show called REALITY.

 Bronston has rocked comedy clubs and opened for rock bands. He’s hosted somber charity events that turned crazy-sexy-fun. He’s done stand-up for Rooftop Comedy and ComedyTime Network, is a regular on radio’s The DAMage Report and acted in TruTV’s “All Worked Up” and charity spots for UNF–KTHEGULF, plus commercials for Nike, Found Magazine, and other things he’d never buy.

Also, more guests, surprises, and distasteful shenanigans are imminent.

Late Night with John and Susan

Saturday nights 10 pm – Midnight

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