Episode 10!!! Today’s program brings us 2 unique individuals who have remarkable achievements to their credit. We kick off with Pat Gesualdo, whose charity organization, DRUMS & DISABILITIES, is geared towards Special Needs children. Pat is also an accomplished drummer himself, and a big fan of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. When he saw how those subgenres were under-represented at the Rock Hall, he started the Hall of Heavy Metal History, which has now morphed into the METAL HALL OF FAME! Some big things are in the works, so get ready!

Our other guest is Robert “Corpsy” Rhine, whose notorious cult magazine, GIRLS N CORPSES, manages to still tweak the noses of wannabe guardians of “good taste”. He also is a director/producer/writer and sometimes star of films like UNDERBELLY BENEATH THE WORLD OF PORN, a great documentary that takes a serious look at the Adult Industry from the performer’s POV. His latest film, EXORCISM AT 60k FT., is a comic horror spoof of disaster films and horror flicks all in one, with some amazing guest stars.

The AUDIOVISION SF #VinylSpotlight is Frank Meyer’s SWEET JUSTICE. Frank is best known as frontman for STREETWALKIN’ CHEETAHS, and is also a video director and author, whom we hope to have on the show in the future…

By Ace

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