Episode 5 of ASR is the “Hall of Fame” episode featuring 2 amazing interviews with fellow New Yorker Ross “The Boss” Friedman of Seminal NYC punkers The Dictators, as well as metal outfits Death Dealer and RTB Band along with being an x-member of Manowar – and a member of the Metal Hall of Fame as an inaugural inductee in Year One!

We also have a wonderful discussion with guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Ricky Byrd, a Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee (as former guitarist of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts), and we find out Ricky and yours truly were in close proximity back in the day in College Point, Queens NYC when Ricky was just starting out! A truly remarkable conversation that also talks about Ricky’s latest record, ‘Sobering Times’ and his 33 years of sobriety, including his evolution into a counselor for alcohol addition.

Music by Death Dealer, Ricky Byrd, and a Vinyl Spotlight (courtesy of our friends at AudioVision SF) featuring Flexx Bronco‘s “Black Limo” from their Vol. 2 plastic.

By Ace

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