Today’s program brings us 2 Gold-Record Award winners, PJ Farley of Trixter (who also has a killer side project called RA, as well as his own solo material) and Felix Hanemann of Zebra, whose debut album spawned 2 songs that were played endlessly on MTV: Tell Me What You Want” and “Who’s Behind The Door”! Coincidentally, both Trixter and Zebra played Rocklahoma in 2008, the year I attended, and a tornado interrupted the proceedings! #VinylSpotlight by AudioVision SF is Star & Dagger, the Supergroup formed by Sean Yseult of White Zombie and Dava She Wolf from Cycle Sluts From Hell! Music by: The Tortured, Devil In The Mist, The R Train Band, Zebra, RA, and PJ Farley!

By Ace

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