Today’s show features a single interview with the one and only Steve “Zetro” Souza, lead vocalist of the legendary SF Bay Area Thrash Metal pioneers, Exodus. Zet will talk about his involvement in the Bay Area Metal Scene of the 80s (as detailed in the Bay Area Godfathers documentary both he and I appear in), his upcoming pay-per-view face-off with Rob Dukes, who replaced Zet in Exodus, then was himself replaced by #Zetro! You can’t make this stuff up! Also on today’s show, the #premiere of a track by #TheEmperorOfRock Richie Scarlet, featuring the #legendary Peter Criss (original drummer for KISS) on drums! This song brings the #Catman out of retirement! Scarlet is also the focus of our #VinylSpotlight, presented by AudioVision SF (don’t forget to use the ASR discount of $25 off selected items for Xmas/Holidays)! Plus, #TwistedXmas tunes by Steel Panther, Weird Al Yankovic, Thor: The Rock Warrior/Metal Avenger, American Heartbreak, Lemmy from Motorhead w/ Billy Gibbons & Dave Grohl, Kristy Majors, Decadenza, and the mighty Twisted Fuckin’ Sister! Apologies to Evan Stanley (and big daddy, Paul Stanley) for not getting to Evan’s track. Check back on 12/26; I will play it for sure!)

By Ace

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