images (1)Tonight by request of many listeners & Dave “aka” Flave, a night with Joe Satriani on the B Side Mikey Show. “Bart Man” & myself will be in Studio 1A from 8-10 (PST) “rippin” a lot of the older tracks, most that were never played on the radio. Join us live, if you running around download the Tune In Radio app to your phone and your in. Download the PODCAST if you miss it, and on Saturday if you feel so inclined, call in at 415-829-2980 to rap about anything that you desire & your voice will be introduced to the world. The overwhelming support around the world via my Facebook page is outstanding and so appreciated. All of you rocker/metal folks, I thank you all. To be part of it, FRIEND ME at B Side Mikey (look for the yellow Camero) I will respond quickly which also opens the personal messages which again I receive from folks all over the world. Awesome is the word! \m/

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