Black SabbathFrom the start I wanted to do this because “Sabbath Is The Reason” for so many bands that followed over decades. That being said it’s time for “Bart Man”, “Sweet Kayla” and myself to rip out the tracks on the B Side Mikey Show from 8-10 (PST) in studio 1A this evening. Old school selections that you don’t hear often and versions that you may have never heard. Join us live, call in at 415-829-2980 & we will put on the air, but only if you have Sabbath in your blood flow. This will be an old school classic show worth putting in your ear holes if your a TRUE BLACK SABBATH FAN. Seriously the support from around the world is amazing, and I thank all of you. “LIKE” at B Side Mikey Show on Facebook to keep up on current events. Type in Michael S Sojda, FRIEND ME & I’ll  continue to respond to all of you fantastic “Rockin/ Metal Heads” around the globe. Tweet me @bsidemikey \m/

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