images“Harley Javi” “aka” “Crash Test” requested a Bon Scott evening on the B Side Mikey Show. “Bart Man” will join myself & Javi from 8-10 pm (PST) in studio 1A, and folks will call in at 415-829-2980. RARE TRACKS will be thrown out there for everyone’s ear holes around the world and the world famous segment “Bart’s Bag” will intervene. If you always enjoyed the older AC/DC tunes you’ll want to check this show. Listen live on the “Tune In Radio” App or download it all next week. Thank you everyone from everywhere who friend me on Facebook at Michael S Sojda & LIKE my biz page which B Side Mikey Show. The support everyone gives each week is amazing and every one involved appreciates it. “Sweet Kayla” is not gone, just out for a spell & will return to the B Side Mikey Show! \m/

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