Last week, the unsolved mystery was exposed about the mystery woman in which her name is Chiquita – yes,  just like the banana. As The Bass more than less begged her to call him at the station but she  made a surprise visit to The Bass but got kicked shortly out due to her attitude towards Bass 77.

And minutes before Chiquita came to the station, the Bass lost it (once again) while reading another news report. Questions for The Bass: Bass 77, What’s the deal? Why is it that you seem to loose it on your shows lately? Also why is it that you seem to loose it in the 2nd hour? Is it something about the 2nd hour why you loose it a bit or is it just something that just seems to happen in the 2nd hour? Will you able to keep it cool throughout a whole show? Bass 77, what’s the deal?

Though The Bass looses it at times, he does keep the old school hip hop jams playing in heavy rotation – so it would be best to tune in & listen to The Bass-ment on Tuesday 10p-midnight.

 **disclaimer: The Bass is known to keep a party going despite what happens – so listen to The Bass-ment 10p-mid on tuesday nights.

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