Wow… I have been dreaming for two years now! Each day I wake up and FFR is still here and growing in leap and bounds. I am so proud of my hosts and the best programing in San Francisco  People in radio have told me over and over that your programing rocks and that its better than most FM radio stations in the bay and across the US.. They are right about the programing its top shelf for sure. We are not stopping at just 40 shows… We will have over 80 2 hour programs starting in December as we open “Studio 2B”.

Next on the books… Buliding a  Internet TV station. I was one of 5 people to go live in video over 10 years ago. I was told I would not have 2 studios.. Well lets have 3 and prove them all wrong in 2011

Happy Birthday FCCFREE RADIO hows it feel to be 2?

That’s like being 8 in Internet broadcasting years!

John Miller

Founder/Owner/General Manager


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