Do you think the G-spot could be the real HOLY GRAIL? Michael Schuessler’s secret to finding it is *texture,* plus you can learn exercises to increase the intensity your orgasm! We’ll also talk about the dangers of thinking that “sex” can only happen when you’re using your genitals!
Most people limit sex to the bedroom, thinking of it as strictly private, but how do public sex spaces change the way we relate to intimacy, pleasure, & each other? What are the big differences between keeping sex “hidden” in the bedroom and a public event where you really can just have sex in front of everyone? What “safety” rules need to be there? Is a ‘sex party’ more fun or more dangerous than a “normal” party? Is it more personal or more impersonal? How does it change the way you relate to strangers at these parties? What’s creepy and how can you come on to someone in a sexy way? Vanessa L. Pinto and Jack Hammer will describe parties where sex is literally on the table. Then, Anon Salon’s Joegh Bullock and Spoon (of Sea of Dreams), Annie Sprinkle, Carol Queen & the Center for Sex and Culture, plus Club Kiss and Kinky Salon’s XXX Haunted Funhouse, and all the various nefarious and sparkly SF sex-positive glitterati are planning sexY party MASQUEROTICA at the SF Concourse on Saturday, October 22nd. Sexploration with Monika is planning bondage, bellydancing, and burlesque on the Hooker’s Ball Brothello Stage. Tonight our Token Straight Guy is the Rock and Roll Nurse from “Backspins!” 6pm Pacific on FCC Free Radio in Studio 1A.

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