You’re in a relationship: at first you have MIND-BLOWING SEX, but after a while you’re having “efficient sex,” “TV dinner sex” & even more often than not no sex at all. 🙁 Want have long-lasting love AND sizzling sex? Tim & Susan Bratton have been there (in a 20-year relationship) and gotten their sexy back with extra saucy… and Susan wants to tell you all about it. Then, “Dr.” Diego of has a Sybian, called “the orgasm machine” by many – with a knob that goes from “00” to “OMG I came so hard I think just had an aneurysm.” Sex educator and professional dominatrix Eve Minax likes it even better than her Hitachi Magic Wand. SHOCKING. With Token Straight Guy Paul Brumbaugh of the Edge of Insanity! Sexploration with Monika 6pm Studio 1A on FCC Free Radio.

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